Dr Ziad Mustapha

Dr Ziad graduated with his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from Saint Joseph University, Lebanon in 1996. Followed by graduating with a Master of science in prosthodontics from Saint Joseph University , Lebanon in 2000. He went on to study Dental Implant Techniques at the Dental College of Beirut, Lebanon in 2006.

Dr Ziad continued on her professional advancement by attending an advanced course in Implant Dentistry with the department of Oral Surgery and Maxillo-Facial at the University of Geneva, Switzerland and with the Department of Prosthodontics at the University of Been, Switzerland before finally embarking on a all-on-4®️ surgical protocol clinical course : MALOCLINIC in Lisbon, Portugal in 201. With his many years of learning and 23 years of experience in total, he has acquired and mastered many skills to offer the best level of care to his patients.


  • Intra-Oral Radiographs
  • Periapical and Cephalometric Radiographs
  • Gingival Curettage and Root Planing
  • Placement of Composite Restorations
  • Placement of inlays, crown, and bridge (metal-ceramic and full ceramic)
  • Placement of Dentures (Complete and Partial)
  • Teeth Splinting
  • Treatment of Tooth Sensitivity and Fluoride Application
  • Veneers and Lumineers (Hollywood Smile)


  • Incision and Drainage of Abscess
  • Surgical Removal of Erupted Teeth
  • Surgical Excision of Small Soft Tissue Lesions
  • Tooth Implant